to order to buy online Add comment Read more New Educator 208 — participate, cooperate, knowing Within: the New Educator for teachers review educational principles> cooperation teaching Principles> Principles educational children’s rights> term-creation pedagogical principles> co> consulting teaching techniques> knowledge exchange teaching techniques> organization class> life class Subscription June 2012 No. 208 — June 20 12 To buy online To subscribe online Add Comment Read more FTJ 63 — In the Louvre: FTJ — Publishing literature ICEM For students> Elementary For students> College Arts History plug-Geo> history teaching techniques> subscription literature June 2012 Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Newsletter ICEM — June 2012 in: Newsletter of the ICEM web pages for teachers to use online June 2012 …

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No. 293 In: JMagazine For students> For kindergarten students> elementary Arts journal> Arts French> Scripture-reading Kitchen subscription June 2012 Add comment Read more
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63 — The collective mathematical creation In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers CD, DVD Maths Teaching Techniques> mathematical creation payable to order online in July 2012 with Monique Quertier site ICEM Tools, DVD box (2015 reissue) to buy online Add comment Read more Xournal in: for students> elementary for students> College for students> for high school teachers to download free software free license in July 2012 It is a software very light for modifying PDF files and handwriting with a stylus on TBI, graphics tablet … Add new comment Read more Newsletter ICEM — Summer 2012 in: Newsletter ICEM web pages for teachers to use online in July 2012 …

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This group designs and produces educational tools tested in classrooms, for a ICEM or PEMF edition. THE ICEM EDITIONS By Katina Ieremiadis the 21/09/12 — 24:34 In: Gr Tools comment Read more boxes to store files …

By Nicolas Servajean the 05/01/11 — 11:22 in. . Central East Region> GD 42 — Loire Gr Tools tool teaching Techniques> classroom organization> teaching techniques work plan> casework during a discussion during an internship the Site Tools, we talked about how to storing records: filing cabinets, boxes … in our department, we have a skilled handyman (Andre Laffont), which was inspired by an idea he gleaned nowhere to make records storage boxes. 1 comment Read more 1 attachment module to Site Manager Tools By Katina Ieremiadis the 22/09/09 — 10:53 In: Gr reference text Tools Training Role, commitments, etc. Add a comment Read more Site Tools By Eric Joffre 05/08/09 — 3:57 p.m. In: Gr group presentation Tools 1 comment Read more «first

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64 — sea lichen in: FTJ — Publishing literature ICEM for students> elementary for students> plug College Science and Techno> Sciences life and Earth History Geo> Geography teaching techniques> subscription retrieval September 2012 Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Newsletter ICEM — in September 2012: Newsletter ICEM to teacher web pages to use online in September 2012 … Add comment Read more

Results 1 to 10 of 14 Results Children’s participation in family and social life By Claude Beaunis the 01/25/18 — 10:50 In: a radio program Pedagogical Principles> Rights of the child Interview with Jean Le Gal, companion of Freinet, in charge of the children’s rights and citizenship of the International Federation of the Movements of Modern School (FIMEM). Add a comment Read more What pedagogy for school?

By Claude Beaunis on 26/08/17 — 9:34 In: emission of radio France Inter — The midday debate — Friday, August 25 Philippe Bertrand 20147 Add Comment France Inter — Campaign Book in the Herault (34) by Bruno Jolys on 04/08/16 — 4:43 p.m. in: news a COUNTRY DIARIES radio show Herault Add comment Read more in Freinet classes with Pierre Guerin, tape recorder pioneer in school by Claude Beaunis 04 / 03/16 — 24:24 in: historical elements a radio program Add comment more reforms and changes in the school since 1936 by Claude Beaunis on 03/10/13 — 9:31 in: news issuance of radio Antoine Prost in «Rue des Ecoles» Antoine Prost, Emeritus University Professor (Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne) and Historian of Education, is the only guest «Street schools» today to discuss his book just published by editions du Seuil under the title «Change is in the school — Reforms of 1936 education today» (Le Seuil, September 26, 2013), book that recounts Antoine Prost and puts into perspective the major educational policies implemented in France of Jean Zay Vincent Peillon. Add a comment Read more Janus Korczak France Culture By Claude Beaunis the 03/04/13 — 12:30 In: news radio show «Philippe Meirieu author of» Korczak: for living children «Illustrations ef soon 9, Rue editions of the World, the book collection large portraits Janusz Korczak, unusual man, doctor, teacher and writer, put his life in the service of the poorest children in Poland in the early 20th century. he has continued to innovate to ensure that children are better respected and involved in their education to become free adults Add comment more Singing created during the Spanish by Helene Duvialard the 12/03/10. — 5:25 p.m. in: Gr.

Second Degree radio show Languages> Modern Languages ??teaching Principles> the 3rd term-creation have created over the text and even sung a comment imaginary interview with Marconi. By Helene Juliette 6th Duvialard on 12/03/10 — 5:49 p.m. In: Gr. Doc 2d radio program teaching techniques> literature In introductions to literature, the 6th interviewed famous inventors, here Marconi and radio.

Add comment The modern school of Freinet in 1958 by Claude Beaunis on 09/01/13 — 2:38 p.m. In: news radio show A documentary Severine Liatard and Severine Cassar on France Culture Add Comment Read more Sylvain GRANDSERRE: «It is right that you have broken the continuity of public service education!» By Claude Beaunis on 23/10/12 — 8:50 In: news radio show I have not heard of a proposal from the Right Forte (hard branch of the UMP) to ban the right to strike for teachers.

I quickly responded on RMC Geoffroy Didier, bearer of this project. For it is right that broke the «continuity of service» when there was even more teachers for the course! The right still has «taken hostage» parents when classes are closing and that even small declines in kindergarten! Here is my video response with some arguments to break the UMP language elements so effective in public opinion …

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1 to 10 from 31 Results Video: Emancipation and domination By Claude Beaunis on 21/09/17 — 6:39 p.m. In: Congress> Roundtable Conference in Grenoble Congress ICEM (August 23, 2017) Yves Bonnardel Audrey Chenu, Charlotte Nordmann.

Add a comment Read more Video: struggles abroad (Congress of Grenoble) By Claude Beaunis on 09/20/17 — 9:23 In: Congress> Conference Roundtable Congress ICEM-Educational-Freinet Grenoble on the struggles abroad. Some acronyms to understand meanings: FIMEM: International Federation of Modern School Movements CAMEM: African Coordination of Modern School Movements RIDEF: International Meeting of Freinet Educators Learn more: Add comment Read more Video: how to mobilize against the LSUN, what perspectives of struggles for the start …? By Claude Beaunis the 08/28/17 — 10:52 p.m.